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Many folks are looking at investment stocks, Bank term deposit’s etc  hoping to see only a 1.5% to 3% return per year, any income from investments and  are taxable.

My Wife and I were talking about Real Estate and the Advantages of Buying and Owning a home where we live in Victoria, BC.

First, you’ll need Buy instead of renting a home to live in.

Now Let’s Look at the advantages of Buying a home. 

To keep it simple let’s use the following example:

Let’s say you bought a home for $600,000 last year in Victoria, and you put 30% down (30% of $600,000 = $180,000) and you mortgaged the balance $480,000 to complete the purchase of your home.

Generally Homes in Victoria went up in value 30% +- over the last year. i.e Your $600,000 home is now worth $180,000 more($780,000), therefore doubling your down payment money you used to purchase your home. 

If you had decided to sell your home a year later and cashed out you would simply now have $360,000. That represents a 100% gross profit on your original downpayment of $180,000. 

Once again buy a home in Victoria, BC

In Canada any financial gains on a personal residence (usually once a year) is Income tax free.

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PS: Did you know Apartment Building Investmenting  offers

Three streams of Income:

  1. Rental income,
  2. Mortgage Reduction
  3. and Appreciation? 


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Note: Always seek professional advice before buying and selling Real Estate