Selling a Home in Victoria BC

Making the decision to sell might seem like a scary and somewhat stressful time, but having the right agent and the right team behind you will make the entire process and transaction much smoother.Selling a Home in Victoria BC
Before listing, I like to sit down with my clients and discuss what they ultimately want to get out of the sale of their property. Are they looking for a profit, equity in order to put a larger down payment on the next house, or relocation to something smaller or downsize. Talking through the process and taking it on in small chunks makes it much more doable and easy to understand. We discussed possible price points, what things need to be done in order to sell the property, and what selling “as is” looks like. Regardless of why you are moving or selling there are some things to consider.

#1. The more you want the more you have to do.

There are a lot of homeowners that consider the task of updating and staging their home monumental. For these homeowners, a simple selling “as is” is the best option. You may not be able to get as much as you could if you had┬ástaged the home, but the stress will be a lot easier to take.
If you’d like to get the most out of the sale of your property, we can discuss staging and updates if necessary. Because I work with both buyers and sellers I know what buyers are looking for and can help you devise a plan to prepare the home for listing.

#2. Keeping it staged.

The market at the time of listing will determine how fast the property sells as well as the price. Unfortunately, keeping a home staged once it’s perfectly laid out is the tricky part. I recommend having a housecleaner at least once a week until the home sells or goes under contract. But again, every home is different so one home might need more or less work than another even on an ongoing basis.

#3. The perfect pricing strategy.

Pricing it high and lowering it if you don’t get any bites is not necessarily the best strategy. Understanding the market and even micro markets of your neighborhood is important to pricing it correctly from the beginning. We might consider pricing it slightly lower than market value in order to get more offers and higher prices. By researching the market we can determine the best price together and then move forward.
Feel free to give me a call at any time and I would be happy to offer a free listing presentation. We can discuss what needs to be done to the house if anything and pricing it correctly as well as some predictions on how fast it will sell. Feel free to contact me below or give me a call.

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