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This Works!
I found the following tip to keep Deer out of my Flowers from a Book I bought “Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden”, 2nd Edition. By “Rhona Massingham Hart”.
I found Lots of great suggestions in her book. 

One that I found worked for me….. How do I know my Neighbours said they watched Deer bypass my yard and not their yards? 
Several Neighbours asked me what I was doing to keep Deer out of my Flower beds?

Easy read in her Book on page  109….
Human hair is saturated with our scent which proves to be an effective deterrent against wild Deer. Rhona says in this chapter more-Urbanized Deer are far too sophisticated to be put off by Human hair and generally a waste of time.
Hair from Predators, when available, works well. No need to shave a Cougar or Lion : Dog Groomers sweep up and discard buckets of Dog hair. THIS WORKS WELL IN OUR YARD/
To Use: Stuff predator hair or fur into cheesecloth bags or old nylons and tie closed.Place the hair around your garden and or hang from Trees and Shrubs. Place amongst your flower beds too. 
You’ll need to change the hair at least ¾ weeks as the hair loses its odor.
Check out the Deer traveling through my Neighbor’s yard

Now go and find some Hair…